Review Nars Climax Eyeshadow Palette

I know, another eyeshadow palette review. This time, the limited edition from Nars. Housed with red packaging, not only its red and glossy but ridges texture that you can touch and you will be like “wow, cool!”. I have never seen like this before. Well, in the eyeshadow palette packaging.

Nars Climax Limited Edition Palette

This could be just me but the exterior and the actual eyeshadow inside is nothing likely. Not cohesive in a word but who cares? And why I still mention this? Lol

Nars Climax Limited Edition Palette

I will brutally honest with you, this is just another boring 9 pan shades, grungy, neutral colours with 4 mattes and 5 shimmers. Perfect for fall, but I got it anywhere, fyi it’s spring here in Australia. I wasn’t going to get this palette as I squandered myself by getting 3 eyeshadow palette from Pat McGrath as a reward from no buying last year. After some reviews I watched on youtube, I gotta get it straight away as the khaki shades are calling my deepest soul. Enough chatting! Let me show you the swatches and the look I created with this palette.

Left to right: open wide, private show, passion play, envious, hooked, next level, up in smoke and night rhythm

Here is the look I created and I’m absolutely impressed by how buttery smooth and rich of pigment both shimmers and the mattes. No more word, just a stunner! I could be bias to say that this palette is the best that Nars ever come up and the shades here are well paired, selected, unlike other new eyeshadow palette releases this year (yawning with pinky rose tones). This is an absolute winner, perhaps best release this year so far. I’m so glad I have this in my collection I can surely be used in multitude ways day and night.

Shades used: open wide, night rhythm, passion play and public eye

I can’t express myself how nicely blended these eyeshadows are. I have also used -up in smoke and hooked- and they are just amazing. This palette exites me eveytime I open it. What do you think of this palette? Throw some thoughts on the comments below!

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